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September 30, 2021


Portion of the Week   7pm



Morning services   7:30am

Candle lighting   6:19pm

Evening services  6:30pm

Outdoors, cake and beverages



Morning services   9:30am

Outdoors, kiddush sponsored by Blaire and Brian Lichter

Shabbat ends   7:17pm



TriBeCa Torah Hebrew School Begins!



Joshua   7pm

On Yizkor we noted how the holidays are designed to eliminate endings. Shemini Atzeret is added to demonstrate that Sukkot doesn't come to an end but rather transitions into another holiday and that escorts us to the rest of the year. Accordingly, we understand why Simchat Torah is held on this holiday with its transitioning Deuteronomy right into Genesis, teaching us that the study of Torah has no completion. So rather than "resting on our laurels" by putting the holidays behind us, we must use the momentum of this special time of year to enrich our observance going forward. Thus, this week is parshat Bereishit!

Indeed, the conclusion of the holidays were just as successful and moving as the beginning and we have a few to thank at this time. Firstly Josh and Laurel Dugan for their generous sponsorship of the kiddush for Simchat Torah and to Neil Wallin for his inspirational Tefillat Geshem (Prayer for Rain). He and Eve Goldberg sponsored the kiddush for Shemini Atzeret in memory of William Goldberg and we take this opportunity to share with you a piece about this special man:

On the occasion of the 18th Yahrzeit of Zev Ben Binyamin, William Goldberg.  It was memorable to celebrate this Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah in Tribeca Synagogue.  My father, William Goldberg, would have loved to see the eclectic mix of multi-generational people of all backgrounds.  The spirit and electric energy from the davening in our plaza was felt throughout the neighborhood.  Passersby stopped just to breathe in some of the incredible emotions.  My father was a proud Jew and this would have given him unbridled joy.

 My dad passed away 18 years ago. “Bill” Goldberg came from humble beginnings- his parents worked day and night in their candy store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His drive and determination resulted in him building a successful diamond business as he rose through the ranks of the industry. Some 60 years past, our William Goldberg Diamond Corporation, located on William Goldberg Way in Midtown, proudly boasts three generations of our family.

 While my dad was my boss, he was also my teacher. One of the many valuable lessons we learned from him was that one of the most important things in life is your good name. In Hebrew: “tov shem tov mi shemen tov” - a good name and reputation is priceless above all else. Everyone respected William Goldberg. Literally larger than life, he believed not only in paying his vendors on time but ahead of time. And he treated everyone with respect. From the street cleaner to the president of fortune 500 companies- they were all the beneficiaries of his highest respect. Another favorite expression of Dad was “Ze Hakatan gadol yhihe”- at present something that seems small has the potential to become significant. He imparted on us that you never know - that street cleaner, if given the opportunity, could one day run a company and become your client. His watershed moment came as President of the Diamond Dealers Club when he bucked tradition and opened the club to female members. He lived his lessons that all people deserve to be treated as a special soul.

18 years seems like the blink of an eye. Hard to comprehend. 18 was an important number for Bill Goldberg. Its numerical value is “Chai” - Life! The countless charities who benefited from his philanthropy knew it had to start or end with a multiple of 18. Vendors would see any extra 18 or 180 dollars added to their payments just for good ‘mazel’.

We miss you dad but we commit to always keep up your good name and live our lives as you not only told us but practiced every day.

The kiddush this week is sponsored by Blaire and Brian Lichter celebrating the naming of their second daughter. 
Adult Education on Zoom returns to TriBeCa Synagogue with Portion of the Week on Thursdays and Joshua on Tuesdays. We are taking requests for additional classes.




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