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September 9, 2021


Selichot   7am 

Morning service   7:30am

Evening services   6:30pm

Outdoors, cake and beverages

Candle lighting   6:54pm



Morning services   9:30am


9/11 Interfaith Ceremony   NOON

Shabbat ends   7:53pm



Selichot   7am



Selichot   7:15am

This week is Shabbat Shuva, the Sabbath of Penitence, which falls between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. We read Parshat Vayelech which presents the last mitzvah of the Torah called Hakhel, which means congregate. At the conclusion of the Sabbatical year, on Sukkot, the entire populace was expected to gather in Jerusalem to hear the king read the book of Deuteronomy. The Torah is very specific in mentioning every demographic, even small children.

This reading is especially timely as Yom Kippur is the occasion that brings out the biggest numbers of a community and while this year Rosh HaShana had very encouraging attendance, Yom Kippur will bring our biggest numbers in 2 years. And this is also directly relevant to the season of repentance as there is strength in numbers. When we cast our lot with the community, our judgment is tempered by their collective merit. 

We are extremely pleased with our Rosh HaShana experience as all went smooth even against unprecedented challenges. We must thank those who worked so hard to make it happen with the utmost of caution to ensure our safety:

Nancy Aaronson, Perry Parker, Dolores Wine and our staff were superb in all they accomplished. The children's area was amazing thanks to Deborah Gutierrez and the food was incredible thanks to our sponsors Toby Turkel, Abe Dweck, Robert Levine and the Board of Directors.

Today is the Fast of Gedaliah which commemorates the assasination of Gedaliah ben Achikom which was the event that was the catalyst for a much bigger catastrophe after the destruction of the First Temple. The fast ends at 7:49pm.

Additionally, this Saturday is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. As the primary synagogue of that difficult time we will commemorate the event with an Interfaith Ceremony hosted by the Lower Manhattan Clergy Council. This will begin at noon, after services, and introduced by former Council Member of the 1st District, Alan J. Gerson. Participating clergy will include Dr. Marc Rivera of the Primitive Christian Church, Imam Abdoulaye Abalde of the Masjid of Manhattan and Rabbi Glass.

Kiddush will follow, generously sponsored by Laura Florman and Alan Gerson. 



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