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August 19, 2021


 Hebrew Reading for Beginners   6pm



Morning services   7:30pm

Evening services  6:30pm

Outdoors, cake and beverages

Candle lighting   7:28pm



Morning services   9:30am

Indoors, Kiddush with Downtown Minyan

Shabbat ends  8:28pm


Tuesday/Adult Education

 Joshua   7pm

 Siddur/Hebrew Reading  8pm








In Ki Tetze, among the many topics, we revisit the prohibition of interest. Although the commonly used term in Hebrew is Ribit, here it is called Neshech (bite) for understandable reasons. 

 For full context we note that generally speaking we are referring to interest on business loans and the concern here is lack of faith. Essentially, the lender is demanding his profits up front while if he was a true God fearing person, he would let things play out. 

 As such, when the sages created the loophole called heter iska, it is worded like a business loan describing what we would call interest as "profits", as if the loan was actually an "investment".

 We are told that giving a loan is considered the highest form of Tzedakah so the Torah is exhorting us to preserve the purity of such kindness as much as possible. 

Reserve seats for the high holidays here:

A full bulletin will be forthcoming shortly.

Security for the month of Elul is generously sponsored by Chava Chalom in loving memory of her father Meyer Chalom ben Eliayu HaLevi whose yahrtzeit occurs this month. As a child he lived during very challenging times in Egypt. He escaped religious persecution. Yet he was able to raise a family around Torah and the basic teachings of love, kindness, gratitude and generosity. These attributes were weaved into every aspect of his life.

Recently Joseph Weissberg published and article relating to ecological issues in Israel. He was Bar Mitzvah here 3 years ago:

We regret to inform you of the passing of an old friend, Evelyn Shafer, this week. The arrangements are private but the Portion of the Week class will have to be on hiatus this week.


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