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May 13, 2021


Shavuot Prep   7pm



Morning services   7:30pm

Evening services   6:30pm

Indoors, cake and beverages

Candle lighting   7:47pm



Morning services   9:30am

Indoors, light lunch

Shabbat ends   8:54pm



Sanctuary concert   6pm

Meeting ID: 880 9347 9268

Passcode: 047913

Evening services   6:30pm


Rabbi Romm Mikvah Talk   7pm

Dinner   7:30pm

Reserve ASAP

Torah Study   8:30pm



Morning services   9:30pm

Light lunch

Evening services   8pm

Candle lighting   8:56pm



Morning services   9:30am

Yizkor   11am approx.

Second Yizkor   NOON

Yom Tov ends   8:57pm









This week we begin the Book of Numbers, Bamidbar, which literally means in the desert. It is also called Sefer HaPekudim, referring to all the counting taking place in this book which connects it to what we call it in English. This counting introduces the phenomenon of the military, "kol yotzay latzava", all who go to the army, even though no battle was fought for decades. 

From a practical perspective, we recognize how being in the military creates discipline and unity, 2 characteristics that were critical for molding what was originally a band of slaves into a cohesive nation. But the fact that this portion is always the last one before Shavuot, celebrating the giving of the Torah, perhaps the sages are hinting at a deeper message. 

We must look at ourselves as soldiers in the goal of bringing the values of ethical monotheism to the world. How so? Do we go out and aggressively seek to change the world? Actually, to paraphrase one of our great sages of the 19th century: I first had to change myself, and that created the momentum to change the world. With this week's portion and the momentous occasion of Shavuot, may we find the discipline and unity of purpose for the inner transformation that will carry the day!

The TriBeCa Synagogue expresses it's deep concern regarding the situation in Israel. Traditionally Psalms 121 and 130 are recited in times of travail. We deeply hope for a speedy end to the turmoil.

Please consider joining us for Shavuot! To link to the full Shavuot Bulletin click here.


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