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April 29, 2021


Parsha/Portion of the Week   7pm



Morning services   7:30am

Coffee and snacks

Evening services   6:30pm

Indoors, snacks and beverages

Candle lightning   7:33pm



Morning services   10am

Light lunch

Shabbat ends   8:38pm



Virtual Hebrew School


Tuesday/Adult Education 

Mishlei/Proverbs   7pm

Siddur/Hebrew Reading   8pm








Tonight we celebrate the cryptic festival of Lag B'Omer which in Israel is accompanied by bonfires and archery. One of the causes of celebration is that, according to our tradition, the plague that was devastating the students of Rabbi Akiva ceased. But there is a sub theme that is rarely expounded but has particular relevance to our time. 

Rabbi Akiva was left with only 5 students: Rabbi Meir, Rabbi Yehuda, Rabbi Yossi, Rabbi Shimon (bar Yochai) and Rabbi Elazar ben Shammua, but from those 5 he rebuilt Torah in the world. So consider Rabbi Akiva, who had already once created a Torah empire with thousands of students but now, at an advanced age was tasked with rebuilding. Apparently he didn't flinch and we remain the beneficiaries of his gargantuan efforts at that time.

In the past couple of decades our community has seen numerous upheavals with the likes of 9/11 and Sandy and now we have faced probably the most comprehensive one of all. Coming from a complete standstill for months it has been indeed a gargantuan task to revive the activity in the synagogue to levels approaching pre pandemic. It started with our virtual synagogue and then some weekday minyanim, to a successful high holiday season and then to regular Shabbat services and finally an exuberant community seder which was ample evidence that our community was ready. 

We thank all of you who, like Rabbi Akiva, didn't give up hope and participated in, one way or another, our initiatives of services, Adult Education, Hebrew School and of course, the Sunday Night Shmooze. Because of all of you the future is bright!

This week our Parsha is Emor which continues to deal with the lifestyle requirements of the Kohanim but is dominated by a presentation of the holidays, which is read multiple times throughout the year.

Downtown Minyan returns for Saturday morning so services that morning will be outdoors.


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