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March 25, 2021


Portion of the Week/Passover Prep 7pm

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Morning services   7:30am

Burn the chametz by 11:59am

Instructional Seder   5pm

Evening services   6:30pm


Cake and beverages

Candle lighting   6:56pm





Brunch   10am


Generously co sponsored by Marvin Preiss for his father's yahrtzeit and Laurel Rom and Joshua Dugan in honor of their daughter.

Eat chametz until   10:56am

Nullify chametz   11:59am

No evening services scheduled at this time.



Morning services*   9:30am


Evening services   7pm

Community seder   7:45pm



Morning services*   9:30am



Tuesday through Friday

Morning services   7:10am

*Please help make the minyan.


Virtual Synagogue

Greet Shabbat and Havdalah on hiatus


Adult Education

Proverbs and Portion of the Week on hiatus

Siddur Class Tuesday at 8pm




While the beginning of Leviticus talks about a person who is self motivated to bring a sacrifice, this week's portion is called Tzav, which means "command". The first part of the portion is dominated by a presentation of the meal offering which is called mincha; one of those "menachot" being the "toda", or thanksgiving offering. And this provides a fascinating connection to our current holiday of Passover. Indeed, one of the occasions the sages say to bring a toda offering is when one is released from prison, and there was no greater "jailbreak" than millions of Israelites escaping slavery in Egypt! As such, our seder meal is topped by the same matzah that comprised the toda offering of the temple. 

We have much to be thankful for on this holiday as a nation, but also individually and as a community. We emerge from this year cognizant of the loss and disruption, but pause on this occasion to remember all that we still have and enjoy. 

Selling of the Chametz can be done online  HERE.
The Rabbi is also available for in person transaction at your convenience.


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