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February 25, 2021


Evening service                   6pm


Megillah  in person              6:15pm


Megillah in person               7pm




Morning service                  7:30am


Megillah in person              8am


Megillah in person               12:30pm


Greet Shabbat                     4pm

With Purim Themes!

Candle lighting                  5:26pm

Evening service                 5:30pm

Cake and Beverages



Morning services               9:30am

Small kiddush

Mincha     NOON

Shabbat ends                    6:26pm

Havdalah/Kumzitiz            7pm



Virtual Hebrew School


Tuesday/Adult Education

Mishlei/Proverbs           6:30pm

Siddur/Jewish Prayer   7:30pm
















Without being too dramatic, we can find a parallel between the history of Purim and Jewish life in lower Manhattan. Keep in mind an important reality of Purim was that it took place in the aftermath of the destruction of the First Temple and in exile. Somehow, that generation had to find the emotional energy to carry on their legacy with so much less than they had just a few years previous. We too find ourselves in an environment of loss, whether it be the vibrancy of our neighborhood, friends who are not here physically or even the larger leadership of the Jewish nation which lost very key figures in the last couple of months. 

On the other hand the generation of Purim still had great resources like prophets and the Sanhedrin which made a big difference in their efforts to maintain their numbers and even eventually return to Israel and rebuild the Temple. We have enjoyed technological resources that have opened vistas of synagogue participation not previously imagined. But mostly it's been the few who have braved the challenges of our time and populated our minyanim weekly and on Shabbat and we are extremely grateful. Also, we acknowledge the many that have attended zoom classes and prayer experiences. Finally, we are very grateful for the generosity of our community that has created the financial security that has allowed us the stability to soldier on until such time as life can return to normal. 

May this Purim mark the transition from "diaspora" to repatriation!

This week is Parshat Tetzaveh which discusses the Kohanim (priests) and their role in the Mishkan (tabernacle). 

Please reserve here for tonight's Megillah Reading. There is still plenty of space so if you are unable you should come anyway.


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