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February 18, 2021


Parsha/Purim Prep   7pm



Morning services   7:30am

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass   4pm

Candle lighting   5:17pm

Evening service   5:20pm

Cake and beverages



Morning services   9:30am

Small kiddush

Mincha   NOON

Shabbat ends    6:19pm

Havdalah/Kumzitz   6:45pm



Virtual Hebrew School Resumes



Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm















With Parshat Terumah we have the first of a 5 week series of parshiyot devoted almost exclusively to the Tabernacle (משכן) and all its details. With all this focus it would seem to indicate that its creation was indeed the culmination of Jewish history, and maybe even human history. But like most everything in Torah there is a dichotomy of opinion regarding its significance. 

One opinion has it as it is situated, coming right on the heels of Mount Sinai, and a fitting coda to the Torah being given "right before". But another opinion has it that the Tabernacle was really instructed in the aftermath of the sin of the golden calf. That actually, the Israelites were supposed to be on such a holy plane that their very encampment would function as God's dwelling place, making a specially designated area for such unnecessary. What a statement for the potential of human holiness!

Ultimately we enjoy neither, with the possible exception of our synagogues, which are termed mini sanctuaries (מקדש מעט). May we be fortunate to re enter as a community speedily in our days (במהרה בימנו).

This Shabbat is the second of the 4 special readings leading up to Passover and which is called Zachor. It references the nation of Amalek and its disgraceful conduct and is a harbinger of Purim as Haman was a descendant of Agag, the king of Amalek.

Please reserve for an indoor Megillah reading Thursday, February 25 at 6pm. 

Purim Prep begins TONIGHT at 7pm with the Portion of the Week class focusing mainly on the holiday.

In person and virtual activity this past week at TriBeCa Synagogue:

Naming of the daughter of Josh and Laurel Dugan in our sanctuary


Greet Shabbat welcomed Deborah Gutierrez 

Performing her latest piece

Pay no attention to the man behind the screen!

Havdalah Kumzitz welcome Yehoshua Winter




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