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Weekly Newsletter

December 24, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Portion of the Week   7pm

Will include thoughts on the 10th of Tevet


Friday/10th of Tevet/Fast

Fast begins   6:06am

Morning services   8:30am

Office closed


Evening services   4PM


Candle lighting   4:16pm

Fast ends   5:12pm



Morning services   9:30am


Small Kiddush

Mincha   NOON

Shabbat ends   5:21

Havdalah/Kumzitz   6pm

Meeting ID: 823 1584 8634


Hebrew School on hiatus



Mishlei   6pm






In Vayigash we have the epic confrontation between Joseph and Judah challenging each other regarding the fate of their younger brother Benjamin. Our sages say that this confrontation and eventual rapprochement had cosmic and historic significance way beyond the immediate drama. Joseph represented what would eventually be known as the Northern Kingdom and Judah's descendants became the Southern Kingdom. There were centuries of strife between them.

However, we read in the Haftarah this week from Ezekiel, prophesying the future reuniting of these two entities as a precursor to the advent of the Messiah. Just as Joseph reconciled with his brothers, let us resolve our internecine differences and do our part to herald that great new era!

Tomorrow is the Fast Day of the 10th of Tevet which commemorates the completion of the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. It is the only fast day observed on a Friday because of the phrase "on that very day" which isn't stated regarding any of the other tragedies. Additionally, it is considered the most severe as everything that followed was just a fait accompli.

The TriBeCa Synagogue congratulates Nanette Nesbitt for joining the Jewish Faith this past Monday.

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