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Weekly Newsletter

December 3, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Parsha/Portion of the Week   7pm



Morning services   7:30am

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass   3:30pm

Candle Lighting   4:10pm

Evening Services   4:20pm



Proposed morning service   9:30am

Shabbat ends   5:13pm

Havdala/Kumzitz   5:45pm



Featuring Dakota Jackson

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Hebrew School Menora Contest

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Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm




For years we presented a Bnei Mitzvah present of a book by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg at the occasion of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. I often wondered who this person was and in this week's communique from the RCA he was the featured speaker regarding the parsha, from Efrat, Israel.

He observed in our portion of Vayishlach two things regarding the struggle that Jacob had with the mysterious being that confronted him at night. Jacob was injured, but in the aftermath of the dustup he was given the more elegant name of Israel. He notes that both later in the Torah and throughout our history this seems to be a pattern. Our nation is profoundly challenged, often resulting in serious damage, but we emerge on a higher plane in numerous ways.

Our community, along with the rest of society, has been challenged and suffered serious loss throughout this difficult period, which seems to stretch deeper and deeper into the future. But we are rebuilding and laying the foundation for a post virus era that will see us even more effective as a Jewish institution.

Accomplishments of our broader community:

Congratulations to our longtime weekday member Morrie Kleinbart for receiving the Dewey Award for Excellence as a Prosecutor. This award is given by the New York Bar Association and Morrie was recognized as Richmond County DA of the Year.

Congratulations to Larisa Svechin, Hebrew School parent, for her election as Vice Mayor of Sunny Isles Florida. She will be sworn in virtually tonight at 5pm.

Special for this Saturday morning:

Due to inclement weather Downtown Minyan will not be meeting as outdoor services will not be feasible. If you are interested in attending an indoor service at 9:30am please contact the rabbi at at your nearest convenience. There will only be a service if we have a guaranteed Minyan. The service will be streamlined and only a ceremonial kiddush to follow.

There will be comprehensive programming for Chanukah which begins next Thursday night. A full bulletin detailing our virtual and in person events will be forthcoming.


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