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Weekly Newsletter

November 25, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Candle lighting   4:12pm

Evening services   4:20pm



No services

Shabbat ends 5:15pm



Hebrew School 


Monday- Friday

Morning services   7:30am


One of the more dramatic stories of the Torah takes place this week in Vayetze with the deceiving of Jacob by his father in law Laban, when he switches the sister Rachel with Leah. The classic question asked here is even if Jacob was distracted with food and drink, what about Rachel? Indeed, our sages explain that Jacob had a strategy with Rachel for her to present him with a special object so he could be sure it was her, even in the pitch black. But incredibly, even as Rachel saw the ruse taking place, she couldn't bear the potential humiliation of her sister so she gave the object to Leah, and was thus left out in the cold. This was one of the greatest acts of self-sacrifice known in the Torah and yet it is only hinted at by reading between the lines. 

So with all the supposed "flaws" we can read about throughout these verses, our matriarchs and patriarchs remain giants of human character, well worthy of our emulation.

Congratulations to Haley Lieberman Binn and Jason Binn for the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Cece this past Monday morning in our sanctuary.

Please note the many schedule changes for throughout the holiday weekend:

Thursday night class in Parsha/Portion of the Week on hiatus this week.

No weekday services this Thursday and Friday

There WILL be Friday Shabbat services this week at 4:20pm

Our Virtual Synagogue will not be meeting this weekend; that includes Greet Shabbat and Havdalah.

There will not be morning services for this Saturday as Downtown Minyan will not be meeting and Rabbi Glass is away.

Tuesday class in Mishlei/Proverbs on a one week hiatus.



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