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Weekly Newsletter

November 12, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Portion of the Week/Parsha Class   7pm



Morning services   7:30am

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass

Candle lighting   4:21pm

Evening services   4:30pm



Individual Preliminaries    10am

Group service   10:30am

Shabbat ends   5:22pm

Havdalah/Kumzitz   6pm



Hebrew School

Tuesday/Rosh Chodesh

Morning services   7:15am

Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm





In Chayei Sarah, Eliezer knows he has found the right match for his master's son Isaac in the person of Rebecca. He petitions her family and they respond "here is Rebecca before you, take her and go". Later on when it is really time to go they hesitate and request that she remain for a year, or at least 10 days. What changed?

According to mystical sources, when Rebecca was growing up there was a protective "veil" placed over her countenance such that she was always looked upon like some kind of Cinderella. Now that she was in the protective custody of Eliezer the veil, which was no longer relevant, was removed. It was only then that her family realized that they were relinquishing a true diamond, but it was too late.

How many people in our life have we been accustomed to have little regard for but upon a second look we would see a deep worth? Let's hope we don't wake up too late!

The Downtown Minyan will be with us this weekend and it will be a little cooler so dress accordingly. We are close to procuring the appropriate heaters to make it comfortable to remain outdoors on Shabbat indefinitely.

This Saturday we bless the new month of Kislev and the molad will take place Sunday 4:01pm with 1 Chelek



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