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Weekly Newsletter

November 5, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Portion of the week   7pm

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Morning services   7:30pm

Note New Times for DST!

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass  3:30pm

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Candle lighting   4:28pm

Evening services   4:40pm



Preliminaries   10am   

Morning services   10:30am

Shabbat ends   5:28pm

Havdalah/Kumzitz  6pm

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Hebrew School 


Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm

On Zoom 

Beginner Hebrew Reading   7pm 

Intermediate Hebrew Reading   7:30pm




It's interesting to contrast the lack of comment by our sages regarding the great war of the 5 kings vs the 4 kings, of last week's portion, with the ocean of comments by our sages regarding the first story of Vayera this week, namely Abraham's legendary hospitality. The Torah perspective of history is such that war is a necessary evil but the focus should be on highlighting acts of lovingkindness, best exemplified by our patriarch Abraham, the paragon of chesed, kindness.

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and this is what Abraham hoped to achieve with his life's work. He was inspired by his observing God's merciful providing for all living things, and dedicated his life to emulating the creator.

Our Virtual Synagogue comes back to life!

Dr. Roz Bernstein makes a fascinating presentation at the Sunday Night Shmooze

The great Basya Shechter performs at our Havdalah/Kumzitz


Congratulations to Mariana Veiga who completed her process of conversion this week and is now a Bat Yisrael!

Downtown Minyan will be joining us again this Saturday morning.



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