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Weekly Newsletter

September 17, 2020
Weekly Newsletter




Zoom Class on Rosh HaShana!   7pm

ID # Meeting ID: 845 4683 2655 no password 





Abridged Selichot   7am

Morning services   7:30am

Hatarat Nedarim   8am

(Releasing of Vows)  

Candle lighting   6:41pm

Evening services   6:45pm



Morning services   10am

Evening services   6:30pm



Morning services   10am

1st Shofar   11am

2nd Shofar  Noon

Tashlich at the Hudson   1:30pm

Behind Stuyvesant High School


Monday/Fast of Gedaliah

Fast begins   5:31am

Selichot   7am

Morning services   7:30am

Mincha   1:30pm

Hebrew School

Fast ends   7:28pm



Selichot   7:10am

Morning services   7:30am

Afternoon services   1:40pm

(Except Friday)



In the Psalm we read today for Thursday it states: Sound the Shofar on the month, when it's covered, on the day of our holiday. Being "covered" is an expression for the beginning of any month, as is the case with Rosh Hashana, which is the beginning of the month of Tishrei. This is because the new moon appears to be covered as it's view is occluded. 


The connection to the Jewish nation in general is that we mirror the moon in its waxing and waning throughout its monthly cycle and our history throughout the millennia. Individually, our souls wax and wane throughout the year as we traverse the geography of our annual calendar. We begin the year with our souls in a state of being "covered" because of the long months without uplifting holidays. But just like the moon, which gradually emerges from the shadows and builds in light through Yom Kippur and beyond, we too grow in spiritual light, day by day, throughout the 10 days of penitence and beyond.

Looking forward to joining everyone on this wonderful journey, Shana Tova!

TriBeCa Synagogue congratulates our longtime members Ken and Denise Rosenblum for the wedding of their daughter Nancy last night to our member David Holmberg!

NOTE-Registration for the second day of Rosh HaShana, this Sunday, is very light. Please keep in mind that that is the only day of Shofar and register if you can to insure proper attendance.



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