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September 10, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


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Havdalah/Kumzitz    8:30pm

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Monday - Thursday   7:15am

Morning services

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Mishlei/Proverbs    6pm

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In Nitzavim we have Moses on his last day of life creating yet another covenant. Was anything added?

From the expressions of inclusivity such as "children, wives, sojourners" and "from woodcutters to water drawers" the commentators derive the introduction of the important concept of collective responsibility (Arevut). Beyond our individual requirement to be servants of the Almighty we would need to look into the spiritual welfare of our fellow Jew. How this is to be handled is a very involved conversation but a lot of it is self explanatory. Certainly the past few months have provided many opportunities to inquire and empathize with the physical, financial and spiritual struggles of many in our community. 

Since TriBeCa Synagogue has opened its "doors" on July 1st an amazing development has transpired with multiple Jewish groups flocking to the plaza for activities not possible elsewhere. They include the Jewish Latin Center, The Downtown Minyan, Meor, JCP and Chabad of TriBeCa and a wonderful article in the TriBeCa Citizen regarding this can be accessed here:

We are honored to be able to do our part in looking after the needs of our fellow Jews in our community!

Congratulations to David Holmberg for the completion of his conversion this week!

Congratulations to Ken and Jennifer Paskar celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary today!

Tomorrow we observe the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, albeit in muted fashion.

Tomorrow morning Chava Chalom will observe the yahrtzeit for her father at morning minyan with Tehillim.



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