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August 27, 2020
Weekly Newsletter
Parsha Class    7pm
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Morning services   7:30am 

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and Family   6pm
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Candle lighting   7:15pm
Evening services   6:45pm
Shabbat ends   8:15pm
Havdalah and Kumzitz with Rabbi Glass and Miriam  8:45pm
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Sunday Night Shmooze  

On hiatus through Labor Day


Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm

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Among the many mitzvot enumerated in Parshat Ki Teitzei is the obligation to return a lost ox or sheep to one's "brother". The Ramban notes that the other time this mitzvah was presented, i.e. Exodus 23:4, it says "your enemy". He explains that what one can accomplish with such kindness is literally turning an enemy into a brother. The Baal HaTurim goes further by interpreting the reflexive phrase "you shall return it to him" (והשבותו לו) as meaning that you also return the owner to "himself", namely that you restore the victim's humanity. 
How so?
The entire time the victim is at a loss, he is in peril of assuming there was a perpetrator, someone who stole it from him and as such his faith in his fellow human being is shattered. Upon the item being returned, not only does he realize that people aren't as bad as he thought but actually quite righteous.
The TriBeCa Synagogue is thrilled to announce the birth of twin girls, Charlotte and Elizabeth, last week to our past president Avi Turkel and his wife Miranda. Congratulations also to his mother Toby, another past president, for becoming a grandmother! Everyone is doing well. 
Tomorrow we will issue a formal presentation regarding the High Holidays at TriBeCa Synagogue.


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