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Weekly Newsletter

August 20, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Parsha Class on Zoom   7pm

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Friday/Rosh Chodesh Elul

Morning services   7:15am

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and Family   6pm

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Candle lighting   7:26pm

Evening services   6:45pm



Morning services   9:30am

Shabbat ends   8:26pm

Havdalah and Kumzitz with Rabbi Glass and Miriam  9pm

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Sunday Night Shmooze   7pm

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Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm

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We begin the month of Elul today and tomorrow whose sign of the zodiac or mazal, is Betula (Virgo). We know that this sign indicates the spirit of repentance (Teshuva) of this time of year as the verse states in Jeremiah 31:20: Return (shuvi) virgin of Israel to your cities. 

But more than basic repentance there is a deeper implication by calling Israel a betula, long after we were considered unfaithful to God on numerous occasions with our idol worship. The prophet implies that teshuva is so powerful that we can return ourselves to our original pristine innocence. We have the power to erase the unpleasant past and create a bright new future.

Considering the events and circumstances of the last difficult months we are beset with concern and negativity of what the future will bring for us. What will our neighborhood be like, what will our lives be like, will we ever be able to go back to a semblance of what we had before all of this. On the other hand, Elul, and the days of awe, bring a promise of hope and renewal; that we can look forward to an individual and a communal restoration of peace and harmony, of course doing our part, as well, for ourselves and for our community. 

At TriBeCa Synagogue we have been working hard to reopen the shul with all the appropriate protocols for the challenges of our time. Presently we have outdoor weekday morning and Friday night services, and tomorrow morning we will begin sounding the shofar on a daily basis. This Saturday will be our first Shabbat morning service on a trial basis. And we have sent you a survey to assess your requests for high holiday services so that we can tailor them to fit your needs. Hebrew School will also begin right after Labor Day on zoom until the end of 2020.

Please consider joining us for these occasions as your part in the overall effort to re-coalesce our congregation into the thriving hub of Jewish life it has been for decades. We are sure that you will find here Elul's promise of hope and renewal!

This week is the portion of Shoftim and we congratulate Hugh Lippman and Eileen Hecht for the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Rachel this Shabbat at that synagogue. They have been devoted members for many, many years and Rachel has been a fixture at our services from her early childhood.


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