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Weekly Newsletter

July 30, 2020
Weekly Newsletter
Torah class on zoom  7pm

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The fast ends at 8:51pm



Morning services   7:30am

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and Family   6pm

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Evening services   6:45pm

Candle lighting   7:53pm



Shabbat ends   8:57pm

Havdalah and Kumzitz   9:15pm

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Sunday night Shmooze 

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Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm

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Today is the lowest day of the Jewish calendar accompanied by all the restrictions that limit our comfort in a way not matched any other time of the year. Indeed, the Book of Lamentations (Eicha) that we read last night is also the saddest work of our Tanach. Some of the verses even seem to rub salt in the wound by reminding us of how good things were before the destruction and exile. But Diane Kolatch of YUHS for Girls in Queens actually sees a strong note of consolation.

Jeremiah is reminding us of our previous existence with the Temple, the priests and the vibrancy of the land, to show us that even though they are gone now, the fact that they were part of our history remains with us. We are better and enriched as a people for having them as our heritage. And it is this fiber of our national being that is the foundation of their return, please God, speedily in our days!

We read the second portion of Dvarim this Shabbat with Vaetchanan, which includes the review of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.

And check out the latest from our own Dr. Freema Gottlieb in the Jewish Week!

TriBeCa Synagogue is thrilled to announce the birth of a daughter to our devoted members Jeff and Liubasha Dagowitz this past weekend! Everyone is doing very well.

Content note: Because Torah study is prohibited on Tisha B'Av, today's parsha class will be devoted to the Talmudic rendition of the destruction of the Second Temple as recorded in Tractate Gittin 55a. ID # 886-2130-2762 no password.

We continue to maintain a blending of in person services and a virtual synagogue as detailed on the calendar side.



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