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Weekly Newsletter

July 16, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Parsha/Portion of the Week   7pm

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Morning services   7:30pm

Candle lighting   8:06pm


Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and Family   6pm

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Evening services   6:45pm



Bless the New Moon

Molad Av Monday Afternoon  

1:10pm with 15 Chalakim


Shabbat ends  9:12pm

Havdalah with Rabbi Glass and Miriam   9:20pm

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Sunday Night Shmooze  7pm

With Dakota Jackson!

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Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm

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Wednesday/Rosh Chodesh

Morning services   7:15am




With the double portion of Matot-Maasei we complete the Book of Numbers and have the largest Torah reading of the year. Topics include the tribes of Gad and Reuben negotiating for their territory, the boundaries of Israel in general, cities of refuge and much more. But we start with a detailed discussion of oaths and vows and how to annul them if necessary. The Torah makes a big deal about our uttering promises and making commitments as evidenced by the first order of business on Yom Kippur being the Kol Nidrei, which in essence is a formula to release us from our vows and oaths as we enter the holiest day of the year.


One reason for this overriding concern and emphasis derives from the nature of our power of speech, which is what creates these expressions. Although our speech is essentially just another part of our physical entity, when you think about it, it is the closest part of our bodies to the spiritual. While it is an energy wave which can be measured by machines, it still is far more ethereal than the rest of our corporeal identity. As such, the Torah is very concerned that we guard its "sanctity" in any way we can and keeping our word is the most important way to do that. 


Wednesday is Rosh Chodesh Av, which ushers in the second, and more severe stage of mourning leading up to the 9th of Av. This year, most rabbinic authorities feel that the normal additional restrictions of this time period can be relaxed due to the extra care needed to protect ourselves from the virus. 


We are pleased to announce that our in person services are proceeding apace with Shacharit every day at 7:30am. Our reopening has been documented by Carl Glassman of the TriBeCa Trib in this article:


(If you have any availability for the morning minyan we appeal for your help to attend, contact


In person Friday night services will begin this Friday on the plaza at 6:45pm. Morning services for Rosh Chodesh this Wednesday morning will be held at 7:15am.


Check out our Sunday Night Shmooze this Sunday featuring our own Dakota Jackson to talk about his amazing career in Magic and Furniture Design and so much more! Sunday 7pm on Zoom with ID # 882-8489-4096 and no password.

Last week we omitted to credit this photo to Carl Glassman of the TriBeCa Trib:






We apologize for the omission.



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