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Weekly Newsletter

July 2, 2020
Weekly Newsletter
Parsha Class   7pm
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Candle lighting   8:12pm
Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and Family   6pm
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Shabbat ends   9:21pm
Havdalah with Rabbi Glass and Miriam   9:30pm
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"Shmooze" on one week hiatus
Mishlei/Proverbs   5:30pm
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Thursday/Fast Day
Fast begins at 4:21am
Fast concludes at 9:09pm
May this be the last one!



This week is the double portion of Chukat/Balak which contains an enormous amount of compelling subjects. Probably the most shocking and tragic is the Sin of the Bitter Waters wherein the Torah proclaims upon Moses the devastating consequences of his deviating from God's instructions. He is told that he would not be entering the land of Israel. 
One of the ways that the sages have attempted to put this into perspective is by explaining that this decree was inevitable due to the changing circumstances and people between the time they left Egypt and the 40 years they wandered in the desert. This new generation needed a new approach that would apply to their new life in the land of Canaan transitioning from the idyllic lifestyle in the desert to the challenges of living on their own.
As much as we long to hold on to the normality of what we enjoyed just a few months ago we will have to recognize that life will be different once we completely reemerge from our present set of circumstances. There will be some loss but there will be some significant gains as well. The Israelites lost the manna, the well and the protection but they gained a fabulously beautiful land as well as much personal sovereignty. 
Next Thursday is the 17th of Tammuz, a fast day, beginning the solemn 3 week period in the Jewish Calendar culminating with the 9th of Av.
The TriBeCa Synagogue is thrilled to announce the birth of Daniella Libby to Yehudis and Elchanan Mordechai, Rabbi and Mrs. Glass' daughter this past Saturday!
Another amazing Sunday Shmooze, this one with ADA Joel Seidemann
Enjoy the latest from our own Dr. Freema Gottlieb!:



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