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Weekly Newsletter

June 25, 2020
Weekly Newsletter
Parsha class 7pm
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Candle lighting  8:13pm
Family Service   6pm
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Shabbat Ends   9:22pm
Havdalah with Rabbi Glass   9:30pm
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Sunday Night Shmooze   7pm
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Mishlei   6pm
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The portion of Korach presents us with the only open rebellion to the authority of Moses in his lifetime. Two of the ringleaders were Dathan and Aviram from the tribe of Reuben who Moses invited to a meeting to discuss their issues. They gave him the cold shoulder and Moses responded with anger. 
A rebbe of mine, Rabbi Chaim Dov Altusky, asked a sharp question noting that up to that point Moses was already sorely challenged by Korach but responded with measured arguments. What was different this time? His answer was that as bad as Korach behaved he still engaged with Moses while Dathan and Aviram ignored him; they were acting like Moses was a non factor. 
In our polarized times we deal with people who have sharply different perspectives but it is especially important to remain engaged. We have to always remember to see the humanity behind whatever positions they may epouse.
Special end of year weekend programming!
Family service Friday at 6pm
Prayers, songs, story and Shabbat table demonstration.
Have your candles, kiddush cup and challah ready!
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Sunday Night Shmooze with Joel Seidemann* 7pm
Discussion on the Brooke Astor case led by the lead prosecutor!
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*Joel Seidemann is Senior Trial Counsel at the New York County District Attorney's Office


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