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June 18, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Parsha 7pm

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Candle ligthing   8:12pm

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and Family   6pm

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Bless the new month of Tamuz

The Molad is Sunday 12:26am with 14 Chalakim

Shabbat ends 9:22pm

Havdalah with Rabbi Glass   9:30pm

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Sunday/Father's Day

Sunday Night Shmooze on 1 week hiatus


Monday/Tuesday Rosh Chodesh Tamuz



Virtual Hebrew School (final session 5780)



Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm


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In Parshat Shelach we have the biggest tragedy in the entire Chumash, great people leading the nation to reject the mission of entering the land of Canaan. A key phrase in their report reveals a big part of the issue. In describing the great size of the local population they claimed “we were like grasshoppers in their eyes”; but they preceded that statement by declaring “we were like grasshoppers in OUR eyes”. The sages explain that what we have here is a crisis of confidence, they were insisting that they, along with the nation, were not up to the challenge of leaving the cocoon of desert living and being on their own spiritually and physically in the promised land.

The Torah insists that everyone has to develop their own sense of self-worth as the Talmud declares: everyone should assert that the world was created for me. Of course we have to be on guard for arrogance but each of us has to strive to determine our full capability in life.

Thank you to Warner Wolf for appearing at our recent Sunday Night Shmooze!




Club Latino met this past Thursday



Reporting on Covid throughout South and Middle America


Coming Soon on Zoom!*

Friday June 26-Friday Night Family Service

Sunday June 28-ADA Joel Seidemann on the Brooke Astor case

Tuesday June 30-Seminar on prayer and the prayer book

*Details to follow


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