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Weekly Newsletter

June 4, 2020
Weekly Newsletter
Parsha class on Zoom
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Candle lighting   8:06pm

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and Family RETURNS!  6pm
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Shabbat ends 9:15pm

Havdalah with Rabbi Glass 9:30pm
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Sunday Night Shmooze   7pm
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Virtual Hebrew School resumes



The portion of Naso is the largest single portion of the 5 Books of Moses and presents the largest repetition of the Torah. 12 entire paragraphs detail the exact offerings that each of the 12 tribes presented for the dedication of the Tabernacle. Yet if this wasn't enough of a presentation, the Torah has to add yet another verse for Moshe and his entering the Tent of Meeting (Ohel Moed). The Midrash explains that in there God spoke to Moses exclusively because he suddenly realized that it was all over, and he had absolutely no role in this dramatic ceremony. "And He spoke to him"...what did He say? The midrash quotes a verse we studied, Proverbs 20:15, that states: "There is gold and many precious jewels, but lips of knowledge are a precious vessel". God told him that his words were dearer to Him than all of this pomp and circumstance that had just concluded. 
We remain deprived of our "Tabernacle" and are even in fear for its safety. But this week's portion reasserts the infinite power of individual prayer, study and kind words that can be so cosmically effective, even without this medium, that under normal circumstances would work in tandem with our lips. May we be able to return to it speedily in our days!
Thanks to all who joined our Virtual Shavuot celebration!
Family service
Torah Study
Congratulations to our trustee Adam Teller who is getting married to Chana Goldman today at 4pm!
All are invited to participate via zoom:

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May they merit to build a faithful house in Israel!




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