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Weekly Newsletter

May 28, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Family service   5pm

Yizkor   6pm

Torah Study   7pm

Yom Tov begins 8:18pm


Candle lighting   8:01pm

No Greet Shabbat due to the holiday


Shabbat ends 9:10pm

Havdalah with Miriam and Rabbi Glass   9:20pm

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Sunday Night Shmooze   7pm
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Virtual Hebrew School resumes 
Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm
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As we know, there is not much ritual prescribed by the Torah for the momentous holiday of Shavuot. As with many of our occasions in the Jewish calendar the Torah hints at themes through the sacrificial rituals. Now these may be far from our consciousness being removed from the Temple for 2,000 years but a little scratching might yield a special message.
With Shavuot we introduce chametz to the altar, which was a very rare phenomenon, in the form of the Shtay HaLechem, the double Barley Bread. This is curious, because the process that brings us to Shavuot begins 7 weeks earlier with the Passover sacrifice, where we know that chametz is strictly forbidden. It seems we start with the purity of matzah and descend to the level of chametz, when one would think that this period of spiritual growth should go in the exact opposite direction!
But the truth is that at Passover, like it was then, we start with deprivation and restraint, but that is not the goal of Torah. The goal is to be able to live in this world with all its pleasures while maintaining control over our lifestyle, and still be servants of the Almighty. When we emerge from these intense 7 weeks, we can now reenter all aspects of our physical life knowing how to create spiritual balance, and that balance is represented by the featuring of chametz in the Temple.
We are slowly emerging from our period of restrictions but have to learn to balance the need to get on with life all the while remembering to practice those "rituals" that preserve life. We hope to be able to do that at TriBeCa Synagogue as soon as that balance can be realistically achieved.
For now we have an exciting lineup of programming starting 5pm today which you can find here;
Remember to make Eruv Tavshilin today-put away an egg and a matzah to be eaten for seudat shlishi on Saturday.
Today is the 49th, and last day, of the counting of the Omer.
Enjoy the latest article from our own Dr. Freema Gottlieb:
The TriBeCa Synagogue is thrilled to announce the wedding of Adam Teller to Chana next Thursday at 4pm. The happy couple would be honored with your virtual presence at their special occasion with the following coordinates:

Meeting ID: 767 4795 2721
Password: nice2bu

May they merit to build a faithful house in Israel!



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