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Weekly Newsletter

May 14, 2020
Weekly Newsletter




Parsha class   7pm

ID # 815-0166-6820  

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Candle lighting  7:48pm

Greet Shabbat   6pm

With Rabbi Glass and family

ID # 844-3457-9543

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Shabbat ends   8:53pm

Havdalah    9pm

With Rabbi Glass

ID # 834-6721-7803

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Sunday Night Shmooze   7pm

With Paul Schaeffer

ID # 881-7682-9636

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Virtual Hebrew School



Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm

ID # 839-0153-1398

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This week we complete the Book of Leviticus with the double portion Behar-Behukotai with the primary theme being the Sabbatical/Jubilee year or Shemita/Yovel. The key feature is the requirement to leave all fields and orchards fallow every 7th year and then the 50th year. Commentators are quick to point out that this is not to be associated with the regular agricultural strategy of preventing these fields from drying up. Any farmer knew that fields could only produce 3 or 4 years consecutively before they would have to be given a chance to replenish. Thus the requirement for the 7th was random from an agricultural standpoint and purely an act of faith and respect for the One from whom the land was granted. Additionally, it was during this year that the people were supposed to "replenish" their spirituality and holiness being freed from the burden of providing for themselves.

Many of us find ourselves in a kind of "Sabbatical" that was randomly cast upon us. And while we should never consider the factors that created this a good thing, we might try to use this extra time for personal and spiritual growth. Please consider joining us for the classes, Shabbat experience and the social outlet that we have laid out on a weekly basis. And of course, as always, I remain available for individual study and discussion.

Scenes from our virtual synagogue:

Celebrating Lag B'Omer



Sunday Night Shmooze


Our own Paul Schaeffer, will join us this Sunday at 7pm for the Shmooze to give us the latest in testing research! Paul Schaeffer is the Director of Administration at the New York City Health Laboratory.

Our Portion of the Week class moves to Thursdays at 7pm starting TONIGHT! 

Via Zoom ID # 815-0166-6820




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