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April 30, 2020
Weekly Newsletter





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We have another double portion this week, Acharei Mot-Kedoshim, which is common for the book of Leviticus during a Hebrew non leap year. The Torah introduces the intriguing rituals of Yom Kippur by reprising the death of the sons of Aaron which was described 3 portions ago. One of the reasons the Torah connects the 2, according to the Jerusalem Talmud, is to teach us that just as Yom Kippur atones, so does the passing of the righteous. For me, this concept hit particularly hard with the news that one of the most important people in my life, both personally and professionally, was cut down over the holiday of Passover due to the virus. And what was even more painful was the fact that under normal circumstances this woman would have had a gigantic funeral and a massive shiva but instead was quietly sent off to Israel for a stealth burial.


I am referring to Rebbetzin Malka Kalmanovitz, who was the wife of Rav Shraga Moshe Kalmanovitz, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Mirrer Yeshiva where I received my semicha and who I’ve known since 1975. She began life in communist Russia under the jackboot of the NKVD who were always persecuting the Rabbis of that generation of whom her father was one of the prominent ones. Literally at age 4 she was trained to be on the lookout and upon detecting the authorities on their way she would run to her household to warn them and escort her father out the backdoor. They all made it to America where she raised 9 amazing children and lived to 94 when I had visited her just a few weeks earlier, although this summation doesn’t begin to do justice to her amazing life. Mostly this is about how helpful she was to me in shepherding myself through the echelons of Yeshiva life, considering my religiously humble background, to the pinnacle of making my shidduch and her support throughout my 7 years of Kollel, and then to the Rabbinate. We were distant relatives through marriage from generations back but that was no barrier to her embracing me as close family and that closeness was with me long after I left the old Flatbush neighborhood.


It is concerning to consider how great the need for atonement, and by extension repentance, must be to have required such a great loss. But that is the stark reality expressed by this passage from the Jerusalem Talmud so we, and especially I, better get started. May we merit to hear better tidings.


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