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Weekly Newsletter

April 17, 2020
Weekly Newsletter


Today is the 8th day of the Omer

Candle lighting   7:20pm

Shabbat ends Saturday night    8:25pm

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and Family   TODAY at 6pm (Now recurring)

ID # 844-3457-9543   no password


Havdalah with Rabbi Glass   TOMORROW at 8:30pm

ID # 837-0532-1743   no password


Sunday Night Shmooze  (Now Recurring)

ID #   881-7682-9636 no password


Tuesday/Adult Education

Mishlei/Proverbs   6pm (Now recurring)

839-0153-1398          no password


Parsha/Portion of the Week   7pm

ID # 891-1349-6799




Emerging from Passover/The New Reality

This year the turnaround from the lengthy holiday to Shabbat is almost instantaneous, yet another challenge in this already challenge filled period. 

We continue with the weekly portion this weekend with Shemini, describing the period of 7 day sequestering of the Kohanim before they would begin their new priestly role on the 8th day, hence the title Shemini, or 8th. That day that they emerged was described as the most cosmically important day in human history since creation. 

To quote Rabbi Munk, he described this day, the activation of the Tabernacle, as "the supreme guarantee of God's love, kindness and protection. It would re-establish the ideal state that had reigned in Paradise at the beginning of creation-God dwelling among His creatures...This state of intimacy with the Divine Presence would surely constitute a source of infinite material and spiritual blessing."

We have just completed the momentous 8 day experience of Passover with all its spiritual rejuvenation, so necessary a long 6 months since the days of awe. May this momentum carry us for the near future through the spiritual limitations placed upon us for our physical protection. 

At TriBeCa Synagogue we will do our best to work with these limitations. As such, until further notice, our synagogue will continue to be active on zoom with many of the features becoming recurring, rather than on a week to week basis.

Nachas note: Our basketball alum, Ethan Feldman, who brought us to 1 point of the Young Israel Basketball League Championship 7 years ago has completed a stellar career at NYU becoming captain and lead scorer. He now is in the process of signing a professional contract with TEAM ISRAEL and will become a citizen shortly!



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