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Weekly Newsletter

April 2, 2020
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   7:08pm


Shabbat ends   8:10pm



Thursday April 2

Parsha/Portion of the Week   7pm
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Friday April 3

Greet Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and family   6pm
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Saturday April 4

Havdalah with Rabbi Glass and Miriam  8:15pm
BYO candle, wine and spices
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Sunday April 5

Sunday night shmooze   7pm
(Best with a glass of wine)
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Wednesday April 8

Siyum for the first born   9am
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Virtual Model Seder   6pm
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This week the portion is called Tzav, from the word mitzvah, meaning command (as opposed to the common take of “good deed”). While the previous portion described the sacrificial process from the perspective of willingness of the heart, here we discuss obligations. Indeed, Judaism is a fascinating combination of both being inspired along with being compelled.


This weekend is also the momentous Shabbat HaGadol (Big Sabbath), which directly precedes the momentous holiday of Passover. There are many reasons for this but the one that speaks to our times is one of courage. The Israelites were asked to audaciously take something sacred to the Egyptians and in full view desecrate it. That was the 10th of Nisan, 4 days before Passover, which happened to be a Shabbat. God was telling them that if you are more afraid of the Egyptians than the Almighty, there would be no point in creating the Jewish nation, so they were asked to cast fear aside.


Recently, Cardinal Dolan has been featured in a radio PSA presenting the difference between fear and concern. Fear is counterproductive and debilitating. Concern, on the other hand, is not only responsible but productive and one of the factors that contributes to our personal growth. We must not fear the challenges that are upon us; that will make us weaker and potentially even more susceptible. Concern will empower us to create a lifestyle for us that is secure, but allow us to remain productive. May we all STAY SAFE!


Seder Packages


We have been made aware that due to the unforeseen circumstances there are some families that were not able to make sufficient seder arrangements. On a limited basis, we are prepared to assemble and deliver seder boxes that will include a furnished seder plate along with the extras needed to properly observe the seder rituals. This would include extra maror, charoset, matzah and wine. Contact Rabbi Glass at



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