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Weekly Newsletter

March 19, 2020
Weekly Newsletter



Portion of the Week    7pm

Download the Zoom app and the ID # is 261-854-169

NO password necessary!




Candle Lighting 6:53pm


Shabbat ends 7:55pm


Greet the Shabbat with Rabbi Glass and family   6pm

Songs and prayers

Zoom coordinates TBD




Proverbs/Mishlei   5:45pm

Passover Prep   7pm

Zoom Coordinates TBD




TriBeCa Torah Hebrew School Resumes THIS Monday

Director Yael Even Esh has contacted her students but now invites ANYONE else to join her virtual school.

Please contact her asap at to enroll. Her program features the state of the art Italam Hebrew language program along with Passover concepts.


Rabbi Glass will make separate arrangements with his Bnei Mitzvah class, but anyone else of that age who would like to join please contact him directly at




We will be issuing a bulletin with updated information and instructions adapted to the unique set of circumstances.

For now we encourage you to do your shopping as early as feasible. There will not be a community seder this year.

Selling of the chometz can be done electronically and the siyum can be attended via telephone, video conference etc.

All these issues and more will be addressed in the next communication.



With the double portion of Vayakhel-Pekudei we complete the book of Exodus with the assembling of the mishkan (tabernacle). We’ve pointed out that a nickname for Exodus is Sefer HaGeula (book of redemption) which begins with our exile in Egypt and does trace our liberation into the Sinai desert. But rather than including our entry into the land of Israel, which would have completed our physical liberation, it ends with the completion of the building that would be the central focus of our worship for the next 1500 years. The message here is that physical freedom is only relevant when we undergird it with spiritual harmony, which is only attainable in a Jewish context with a connection to the Almighty.


We find our physical freedom more and more curtailed due to this challenging situation. Let’s recognize that garnering spiritual equilibrium at this time will be a key component to properly manage the renewed physical freedom that, with God’s help, be upon us in a timely fashion.


Additionally, we have the 4th of the special readings this Shabbat called HaChodesh, which deals with the mitzvot of sanctifying the new moon (Rosh Chodesh) and the Passover sacrifice. One of the indirect messages of this reading, which involves our setting of the calendar, is the mastery over time, which is given to us as a tool to map out each year on Rosh HaShanah. We have been given, for better or worse, enormous amounts of time, hitherto unavailable to us, even against our will. We pray for the wisdom necessary to understand how to take full advantage.


We bless the new moon this Shabbat and the molad is Tuesday 10:14am with 11 chalakim. Thursday is Rosh Chodesh Nisan, the month of redemption, may it be one for us!


Rabbi Glass deeply appreciates the outpouring of positive reactions to his letter yesterday. He hopes to be able to provide more helpful thoughts in the days to come.


As mentioned in yesterday’s letter, we are working hard to ramp up as many electronic resources as we can. Please read the communications that will be issued on almost a daily basis to be current, until we get into a steady rhythm.



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