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Weekly Newsletter

March 13, 2020
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   6:46pm


No services


Shabbat Ends   7:50pm




No services


Hebrew School on hiatus







Due to the challenging circumstances we will expand this section of the newsletter:


Ki Tissa presents us with one of the most challenging stories of the chumash with the golden calf being perpetrated in such proximity to the 10 commandments on Mount Sinai. Ibn Ezra attempts to mitigate the severity of the sin by explaining they were not seeking another God but rather another Moshe. Indeed, their argument was “Because this man, Moshe, we do not know what happened to him” we are now vulnerable and rudderless. The immediate problem became that once these forces were released they rapidly disintegrated into base revelry. The farther reaching problem was that they weren’t ready to connect to God without an intermediary. One of the cornerstones of Judaism is its emphasis on developing a personal and individual relationship with God. There are aids and resources, but after all is said and done it’s us that have to create the connection.


Many of us may feel fear and uncertainty from everything that is going around us which is magnified with the 24/7 media. We live in a blessed country which is ramping up its efforts to address the situation but that shouldn’t take the place of firstly our own personal obligations to do our part while at the same time never replace our faith in the Almighty, Who is the true Shomer Yisrael (guardian of Israel).


At TriBeCa Synagogue we have taken the unprecedented action of closing the synagogue for the weekend, something that wasn’t done in the direct aftermath of 9/11 or Sandy. We are in intense deliberations regarding the near and far term and look forward to providing an update in a timely fashion. We will do everything we can to reopen as expeditiously as possible to be that beacon of hope and center of social nurture.


Additionally we have the 3rd of the special readings called Parah, about the red cow that was used to create the solution designed to purify one from coming into contact with the dead, which would prevent one from being able to participate in the Passover sacrifice. Quite appropriate as mystically this mitzvah was considered an atonement for the sin of the golden calf.


In the meantime, a retrospective of a happier time:



Live streaming of the megillah reading courtesy of Carlos Gutierrez. Notice the reach of over 760! Comments of appreciation for doing this abounded.



“The Johnny Gershon Show-A Cabaret” choreographed by our incredible Wendy Friedland. Accompanied by the amazing Golem-a Hebrew School family!



Purim Day Seudah Open House at the home of the Rabbi



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