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Weekly Newsletter

March 5, 2020
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   5:38pm


Evening services   5:45pm


Young Professionals*   7pm




Morning services   9:30am


Kiddush provided by the TriBeCa Synagogue


Evening services   6:40pm

79 Laight Street




Daylight Saving Time Begins!


Monday/Fast of Esther


Fast Begins   6:04am


Morning services   7:10am


Afternoon service   1:30pm




Evening Services   7pm


MEGILLA   7:15pm


Shpiel and Dinner*   8pm




Morning services   7am


MEGILLA  7:40am


Afternoon services   1:40pm


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In Tetzaveh we have the focus on the priesthood and their garments. Just like there is deep symbolism in all the vessels of the tabernacle, there is deep symbolism behind each of the garments that the regular Kohen wore and especially behind the additional garments that the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) wore. But beyond the specifics there is a general message about the importance of appearance. If we recognize that the Kohanim are to set an example for the Jewish nation with their appearance and wardrobe in particular, we are to take that to the next step. We must recognize that we represent Judaism and Torah to the world and our appearance should reflect that as well.


This week we have the second of the special readings, namely Zachor, which deals with our nemesis Amalek, which had ramifications well into the Biblical era and beyond.




Community advisory-The board of directors are developing protocol for protection against the COV-19 virus throughout the building. Please do your part by adopting the standard common sense measures as individuals to help our efforts.


The TriBeCa Synagogue expresses its congratulations to the Gutierrez family for the recent bris of their son David.




Next Young Professionals March 6th 7pm. Register here:


Full Purim schedule coming tomorrow!



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