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Weekly Newsletter

February 20, 2020
Weekly Newsletter



Candle lighting   5:22pm


Evening services   5:30pm




Morning services   9:30am


Kiddush sponsored by Eli and Yael Weiss


Mincha   5pm


Seudah Shlishit to follow


Evening services   6:20pm


Shabbat ends   6:25pm




Morning services   8:30am




Hebrew School 


Tuesday/Adult Education


Mishlei/Proverbs   5:45pm


Beginners' Hebrew Reading   6:30pm


Parsha   7:17pm



Rosh Chodesh Adar


Morning services    7:10am



Parshat Mishpatim discusses primarily issues that are civil and one of those statutes cries out for elucidation from the Oral Torah-"an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". The Talmud in Bava Kama states that this means restitution and not, God forbid, what would really be an act of revenge, rather than dispensing justice. 


Additionally, we begin the 4 special readings leading up to Passover. This week is called Shekalim, referring to the half shekel that everyone was required to contribute at the beginning of the month of Adar, which falls this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.


The TriBeCa Synagogue takes special pride in the upcoming Bar Mitzvah of Nathaniel Weiss, the son of our President and his wife Yael. Nathaniel will read the entire portion and deliver the Dvar Torah.


The Weiss family has been both exceedingly generous to the synagogue and has provided critically important leadership throughout the many years they have been affiliated with our institution. The Weisses cordially invite the entire community to share in their simcha throughout Shabbat.


A busy week of Smachot at TriBeCa Synagogue!




The bris of Chaim Rodan, son of our members Jonathan and Liz, this past Tuesday




The bris of Noam Halberstein, son of Danit and David, grandson of Joy and Rami Mishani



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