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           Wednesday 11/23/22
Portion of the Week   7pm
Thursday/Legal Holiday
Office closed, no services
Morning services  7:10am
Candle lighting  4:13am
Evening services  4:20pm
Cake and beverages
Morning services 9:30am
Mincha 12:45pm
Shabbat ends 5:16pm
Hebrew School
Tuesday/Adult Education
Joshua  7pm
Hebrew Reading 8pm


Parshat Toldot introduces us to the twins Jacob and Esau. Esau was described as ruddy while Jacob was called in Hebrew, Tam. Now if Jacob is our hero we would have to assume that this description is a positive one but if we look at the Haggadah we might not be so sure. The third child is also called Tam which we assume to mean something like simple and not complimentary.

But the Hebrew language is rich and each word can have a spectrum of meaning so on the one hand one could say Tam means one thing for Jacob and another thing for the haggadah. On the other hand, it would be more creative to meld the two and one can accomplish this with a 3rd source which states " 'Tamim' you shall be before your God".

This verse requires us to be "simple" before God in the sense that whenever possible, we do not over analyze life and live in an accepting manner regarding what God has laid out for us. In the case of the 3rd child, he wonders at all the goings on of seder night so we explain that this was God's plan for us to be enslaved but with liberation we can see for ourselves God's wisdom. With Jacob, he also starts out life with the "simple" approach but is constantly challenged by events. His greatness lay in the ability to absorb these events into his approach to life and remain a man of truth. And this is our legacy as "The Children of Israel".

Tonight through Friday evening is Rosh Chodesh Kislev. The office will be closed tomorrow and Friday and tomorrow there will be no services at the synagogue. We will hold Rosh Chodesh services Friday morning at 7:10am and Friday evening services at 4:20pm. Please help with the minyanim if you are in town. Also, Portion of the Week class is moved to tonight.

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