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Passover Information 2021

With Covid still a factor, but evolving, we also must deal with the calendar mandating the first seder on a Saturday night (3/27). With this in consideration, this year’s guide will be in chronological order to best lay out how to prepare and observe the holiday both individually and as part of our community. The synagogue is also able to provide both logistical and financial relief to those who may find themselves compromised in either way : 
Tribeca Synagogue  is prepared to deliver seder boxes to those who will find it difficult to do the necessary shopping for seder materials. Please contact the Rabbi if you would like to request one.  And if anyone needs a dispensation to attend our community seder please contact the office.

Selling of the Chametz

Leavened products should be consumed or discarded before 11:59am on Saturday March 27th. If that is not possible, one has the option of selling the products to a non Jew for the duration of Passover. The usual procedure is to appoint a representative (Shaliach) to effect the sale on their behalf as the transaction is quite involved. If an in person appointment is still not realistic due to Covid or other factors, one can arrange online here . Otherwise, Rabbi Glass remains available for the in person transaction. 

Siyyum/Fasting of the First Born

It was the original concept for the first born in each family to fast on the eve of Passover in commemoration of the plague of the killing of the first born. The sages preferred that one didn’t fast so as to properly observe the seder. As such they instituted the practice of finishing a tractate in the Talmud which is considered a significant celebration that trumps the idea of fasting. This is called a siyyum, or completion. 
Because Passover Eve this year is Saturday and it is forbidden to fast on Shabbat, the whole event is pushed to the previous Thursday. As such, after morning services on March 25th, we will present a siyyum both in person and on zoom. This will be at 8am, following the 7:20am morning service.

Search for Chametz/Bedika

Thursday night March 25th, after 8pm, one should search the house for the possibility of chametz that was unaccounted for. Only areas where there was the possibility of chametz appearing need to be searched. Ideally the lights are turned off and a flashlight or candle is used to create contrast. After the search is completed one recites “bitul” or nullification, which can be found at the beginning of the haggadah. Any language is appropriate. 

Eliminating the Chametz/Biur

It is customary to perform an act of destroying the chametz, normally through burning, on Passover Eve, before the deadline to own chametz. Again, this is not possible with Passover Eve falling on Shabbat. So the recommendation for burning the chametz is on Friday March 26th, at the time when it would normally be done if it was actually Erev Pesach-before 11:59am. 

Instructional Seder

On Friday March 26th at 5pm Rabbi Glass will present a seder on zoom at similar to last year but because of the holiday falling on Saturday night it has to be a day earlier. We do encourage everyone taking advantage of the Zoom Seder to perform the minimum requirements after night fall on Saturday  March 27th which would consist of the wine, matzah, bitter herbs and some key recitations. All this will be forthcoming in a “seder companion” that will be issued in the near future.

Passover Eve on Shabbat

Perhaps the biggest challenge of this year is how to handle food on a day when we are no longer permitted to prepare for Passover. So essentially the house has to be cleaned and ready for Passover before Shabbat begins on Friday evening. On the other hand we still eat Challah for the evening and morning meals so great care has to be taken to avoid its consumption from contaminating the house. Various strategies have been developed to finesse this challenge which are available upon request.
At Tribeca Synagogue, we will hold services Saturday morning March 27th at 9am and break for kiddush early to have our meal with Challah to be concluded by 10:56am. One should do the same if eating at home. After that, all remaining chametz should be removed from one’s premises by 11:59am and the bitul recitation should be made. 
All cooking and other preparations for the seder should be completed before the onset of Shabbat that Friday.

Community Second Seder Sunday Night March 28

We are pleased to restore our annual tradition of holding a second seder at the synagogue, observing all protocols relevant to Covid. After services that evening, at 7:45pm, we will gather on the plaza in small groups for social distancing. Food will be provided in separately packaged containers. The fee is $85 per adult and $40 per child under 13 but if there is financial need please contact the office for dispensation. Reserve here asap.


This year Yizkor is recited on Sunday April 4th, which is the eighth day of Passover. Yizkor can be recited at home but with the evolving positive  developments in Covid we are able to offer in person services outdoors beginning at 9:30am with Yizkor to be recited at approximately 11:15 am. Click here to access Yizkor and the Kel Maleh Rachamim prayers if you are remaining at home. 
We take this opportunity to ask you to remember the shul with your Yizkor donations. No greater merit could accrue to your loved ones than to have a stake in the vital work that is done here to ensure the vibrancy of the lower west side Jewish Community.

Matzah Fund/Maot Chittin/Kimcha D’Pischa

The mitzvah of tzedaka specific to Pesach is so important that it has its own name. At TriBeCa Synagogue we have maintained a hallowed tradition of helping those less fortunate than we, which we call the matzah fund.
Throughout the year we ask your financial help for the synagogue but this is the one time of the year we look to you for help in assuring the needy among us can observe Passover properly. On the form to sell the chametz will be included an opportunity to contribute.


Thursday March 25th
Morning service   7:20am
Siyyum 8am
Search for Chametz after 8pm

Friday March 26th
Morning service 7:30am
Burn Chametz by 11:59am
Instructional Seder 5pm
Evening service 6:30pm

Saturday March 27th
Morning service 9am
Kiddush  10am
Deadline for eating chametz 10:56am
Deadline for owning chametz 11:59am
Evening service  6:45pm

Sunday March 28th
Morning service 9:30am
Evening service 7PM
Community Seder 7:45pm

Monday March 29th
Morning service 9:30am

Intermediary Days/Chol HaMoed
Tuesday 3/30 - Friday 4/2
Morning services  7:10am

Friday April 2nd
Evening service   6:30pm
Candle lighting 7:02pm

Saturday April 3rd
Morning services  9:30am
Evening services 7pm
Sunday April 4th
Morning services 9:30am

Sat, July 31 2021 22 Av 5781