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2019 Book of Remembrance

Tribeca Synagogue Book of Remembrance


The Tribeca Synagogue Book of Remembrance is a keepsake memorial booklet including names of dear family and friends who have died. The booklet and listing of names are distributed during the Yizkor-Memorial Service on Yom Kippur. Names for the Book of Remembrance may be submitted between now or by no later than Wednesday October 2rd . Names are NOT carried over automatically from one year to the next, so please be sure to notify the synagogue of your intended submissions for this booklet each year. Thank you, and please contact the Office with any Book of Remembrance questions.

Please enter your information exactly as you would like it to be published.

For $36.00, we will print the name(s) of those you wish to see memorialized before the community. 4 for $100, 4 or more names $25 each.

Thank you for your donation for the Tribeca Synagogue Book of Remembrance.  All submissions are due no later than Wednesday, October 2nd. 

Sat, July 4 2020 12 Tammuz 5780