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What to Donate To | Tribeca Synagogue

All cultural institutions such as Tribeca Synagogue require supplemental operating funds.

These allow us to continue our services, educational programs, and kiddushim, and help us keep our building operational for all of the life cycle events of our members and guests.

We Accept

  • Cash
  • Zelle
  • Credit Card donations
  • Checks
  • Securities
  • Bequests
  • Professional services
  • Time

We welcome any donation of time to volunteer with kiddushim, event planning, and other aspects of the community

What Can I Donate To?

The following are examples of donations you can make to help with services, educational programs, kiddushim, etc. In most cases, you can set up a recurring donation as well as making a one-time donation.

Memorial / Yahrzeit Donations or Memorial Plaques

Consider making a donation to the synagogue in honor of a loved one. Additionally, TriBeCa Synagogue has memorial walls dedicated to the memory of our members and their families.

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Chesed Fund

Join us as we extend our support within the Tribeca Synagogue community (shiva baskets, meals for new parents, hospital visits) and to the less fortunate in the broader Lower Manhattan community. 

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Chumashim and Daily Prayer Books

Our books suffer wear and tear, and constantly need renewal.

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Kiddish Fund

This helps us to offer the weekly Kiddish that our members and guests enjoy so much. The food, the conversation, and the community feel are great. Help us to continue offering our wonderful kiddishim. You can either sponsor a kiddish or donate to the general kiddish fund.

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Cantor Fund

Your donation to the Cantor fund will help provide a Cantor to enrich holiday or regular services. You can sponsor the Cantor for a given holiday, special occasion, or donate to the general Cantor fund.

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Shabbat Flowers Fund

Our sanctuary is a beautiful structure, and is made even more beautiful by pulpit flowers on Shabbat. You can either make a donation to the fund, or sponsor a given day or days.

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Youth Shabbat Fund

Our Youth/Tot Shabbat programming is a great way for kids to enjoy and learn about Shabbat, and a great way for parents to be able to enjoy our services. Please consider helping us to fund the staffing for these important programs either by contributing to the fund or sponsoring  a whole event.

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Building Fund

Our building, while renown for its architecture, is not young. It is critical that we keep our heating and cooling units up to date, ensure that our building is structurally sound, and maintain our inside d├ęcor. Please give to our building fund to see the Tribeca Synagogue physically into the next several decades.

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Security Fund

There are rising safety and security issues for Jewish institutions. Help us provide security for the synagogue.

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