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Thanks for your donation to the Chesed Fund.


Chesed Committee




Please help bring the joy of Passover to poor and elderly Jews of the Lower East Side. The Chesed Committee will be pouring free drinks (while supplies last) at Saturday night's Tribeca Synagogue Purim celebration to spread the holiday spirit while collecting your tax-deductible contributions (cash or check) for Project Ezra, which provides hundreds of food packages each Passover to help Jewish seniors celebrate the holiday. As an extra incentive to our congregation, long-time Tribeca Shul Board Member Justine Fisher will match every dollar collected on Purim night!  This Purim, please remember those who are less fortunate than we are, open your hearts and give generously.



Our synagogue's strength is our community and the connections that we make to one another.  Acts of kindness, chesed, given from one synagogue member to another and from the Tribeca Synagogue to the greater community, remind everyone of why we come together as Jews, as a congregation: in order to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. 

The Tribeca Synagogue's Chesed Committee supports our members in times of need and during times of joy: whether someone from our community is observing shiva, celebrating the birth of a child, or recovering in a hospital, the synagogue, through its Chesed Committee, is there to provide a meal, a visit, or a helping hand. 

In addition, the Chesed Committee organizes community assistance projects for the greater Manhattan community with food drives for the hungry, clothing for the homeless, and other forms of support to those less fortunate.
The Chesed Committee recognizes chesed, tzedakah (charity), and mitzvot (good deeds), as inherent to Judaism. We are excited to be able to add these acts of institutional kindness to our synagogue's core mission. 
We need your participation in two ways: Let us know when you or a fellow synagogue member is experiencing a life-cycle event; and please contribute to the Chesed Fund, so that we may share the kindness with others in our community.  We are seeking donations of $18, or any multiple of $18, which can conveniently be made by clicking on the Chesed Fund Donation button at the top of this page or on the home page.
Thank you for your kind support.

A special thank you to our generous Chesed Fund donors to date: 


Nancy Aaronson
Eitan & Juliana Goldman
Neil Wallin & Eve Goldberg
Paul & Miriam Goodman
Perry Parker
Liz & Jonathan Rodan
Justine Fisher
Joel & April Feffer
Susan and Robert Blakely 
Steve Goldschein

Dolores Wine

Brian & Blair Lichter

Connie Orenstein

Paul Schaeffer

Eli & Yael Weiss

Hugh, Ilene, Klara and Rachel Lipman

Elan Goldwyn

Sylvan & Amy Cappell

Dolores & Gordon Wine

Toby Turkel

Jack and Arlene Ancona

Avi Turkel

Yefim & Zhanna Potash

Susan Farenci

Orly & Alan Klugman





MLK Weekend Service Project at Sirovich Center for Seniors

January 2017


Island School Collection for Homeless Students in the Lower East Side

December 2016


Chesed Committee Kiddush 

Saturday, November 19th, 2016


Kol Nidre Food Drive, 

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016




Donations open for Chesed Fund


Donate $18 or more to our very own Chesed Fund and you will be included in a special thank you in our upcoming November kiddush. 


Stay tuned for more information on our drive to benefit the local Island School in late fall, as well as additional volunteer opportunities in our community.   

Thu, June 22 2017 28 Sivan 5777