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Rabbi's Divrei Torah

In his last will and testament to his sons Jacob confers on Judah the blessing “white toothed from milk” meaning that his pasture land will be so fertile there will be abundant milk produced by his livestock. The midrash plays upon this phrase by inverting it: more valuable than milk is the gift of showing the white of one’s teeth (smile!). What the midrash is trying to convey is the importance of always having a pleasant countenance.


Even without trying we often leave our faces in a scowl or something similar, and this is unfortunate because anyone we come across will misread our mood and possibly become morose themselves. Conversely, if we show happiness, we may change their mood for the better. Let us develop the awareness necessary to always have a smile ready for anyone coming our way!

Fri, 24 February 2017 28 Shevat 5777