Rabbi's Divrei Torah

In the movie “Oh God” starring George Burns there was his famous line about the one mistake he made in creation which was the avocado: “I made the pit too big.” One might add another “mistake” in His piling all these holidays in one month; couldn’t He spread them out a little?!

The truth is, however, these special mitzvot of Lulav and Sukkah, etc. only make sense in the direct aftermath of the great experience of the 10 days of penitence. This is the one time of year that we have so sanctified ourselves with our fasting, prayer and penitence for us to have the great honor of grasping God’s scepter or dwelling in a structure so infused with His holiness. What we have accomplished with ourselves is so delicate that we have to take advantage immediately, before the moment passes.


Mon, December 11 2017 23 Kislev 5778